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Frying food can make it really tasty, turning simple ingredients into crispy and golden goodness. But to get that perfect balance of crispy texture and yummy taste, you need to pay attention to a few things. Whether you’re frying chicken, veggies or homemade snacks, these simple tips will help you become a frying pro.

Frying Churos in a pan

1. Keep an Eye on the Temperature:

Make sure the oil is hot enough but not too hot. If it’s too hot, your food can burn quickly. If it’s not hot enough, your food might end up soggy and oily.  

2. Use the Right Oil:

Pick oils that can handle high heat like vegetable oil or canola oil. These oils won’t burn easily and will give your food a nice crispiness. Avoid using olive oil or butter for frying because they can burn too quickly.

3. Dry Your Ingredients:

Before you fry anything, make sure to dry it off with a paper towel. If there’s too much water on your food, it can cause splattering and make it hard for your food to get crispy.

4. Don’t Crowd the Pan:

Don’t put too much food in the pan at once. If it’s crowded, the food won’t cook evenly, and it might end up oily instead of crispy. Fry in small batches instead.

5. Let the Oil Drain:

After frying, put your food on a wire rack to let the extra oil drip off. Don’t put it directly on a paper towel because that can make it soggy.

6. Season Right Away:

Add your seasonings as soon as your food comes out of the oil while it’s still hot. This way, the seasonings stick better and make your food taste even better.

7. Watch the Color:

Keep an eye on your food while it’s frying. You want it to be a nice golden-brown color. Different foods take different amounts of time to cook, so keep checking.

8. Use a Splatter Screen:

If you don’t want hot oil splattering everywhere, use a splatter screen over your pan. It’ll keep things cleaner and safer in your kitchen.

9. Dispose of Oil Carefully:

Once you’re done frying, let the oil cool down before you get rid of it. Don’t pour it down the sink because it can clog your pipes.

Ideally you should avoid using/heating same oil again and again for frying food as it’s very unhealthy. 

10. Stay Safe:

Be careful when you’re frying. Hot oil can be dangerous, so make sure to keep kids and pets away from the kitchen when you’re frying. Keep a safe distance and avoid any water around hot oil.

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